Amaranth oil is constantly used in the industrial production of elite cosmetics, thanks to the valuable substances that are present in its composition. First of all, the seeds of the amaranth are squalene. Squalene is the main component of the human skin, supporting the optimal skin moisture, enriching its oxygen cells, and shielding against free radicals. Furthermore, squalene slows the aging of the skin and actively stimulates the rejuvenation of skin cells. In this process it is helped by vitamin E, principally active in the composition of this oil. As in other vegetable oils, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B, vitamin D, and carotenoids are all present in the composition of amaranth oil.

As a component of the skin, squalene rapidly absorbs oil in the skin and does not leave a greasy shine on it. Thanks to squalene and the vitamins made up in its composition, amaranth oil provides additional antibacterial protection for the skin.

Amaranth seed oil nourishes, moisturizes, regenerates, and rejuvenates the skin, making it more elastic. It can be used for facial skin, lips, and hands, as well as for the treatment and strengthening of hair.

Amaranth oil must be used when caring for mature and fading skin of the face, neck, and decollete area. Regular application of this oil promotes skin revival. Amaranth oil actively fights the aging of skin pigmentation

Amaranth oil perfectly moisturizes, nourishes, and softens the skin. It is mainly recommended for dry, flaky skin.

This oil normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, making it a success against greasy skin. The skin returns to a cleaner and healthier appearance.

Amaranth seed oil is effective for damaged skin (scratches, cuts, abrasions, burns, bruises). It is necessary to lubricate the damaged areas with amaranth oil, after washing the wound. Pain is eliminated almost immediately, and the wound heals 5-6 times faster.

Amaranth seed oil is so rich in substances that stimulate the natural production of collagen, that it can even be used to eliminate post operative scars
Amaranth seed oil is similarly successful when used on stretch marks, as it quickly and efficiently gets rid of cellulite. It may also increase the elasticity of the muscular mass of the buttocks, chest, and thighs. Additional indications for use may be the presence of varicose veins and vascular dystonia.

Amaranth oil is also used to protect against ultraviolet rays during sunburn.

Amaranth oil is a natural and environmentally friendly product. It has gained lots of traction in the vast cosmetic community. The oil contains unique substances that moisturize the skin, which is very important in the winter. Thanks to its reputation, amaranth is used in the composition of many elite creams and lotions.

Cosmetic Recipes:

Nourishing mask for dry skin

Beat the egg yolk, add 2 teaspoons of amaranth seed oil, and a teaspoon of honey. Mix everything and apply the mask onto the skin for 15 minutes. Wash off with warm water. It can be used once a week and soon the skin will become more taut and elastic. Amaranth oil is well combined with other oils that are suitable for your skin, and it works very well with cosmetic clay.
Mask from wrinkles

Dissolve a tablespoon of cosmetic clay with warm water so that there are no lumps, add a tablespoon of amaranth oil, and mix everything. Apply the mask to the skin for 15 minutes, then rinse. To see results you need to do this mask regularly.

Amaranth oil for hands

Amaranth oil perfectly softens the skin, as well as removing irritation and dryness. You can just add a little amaranth oil into a normal hand cream (especially recommended in the cold season).

Nourishing mask with cottage cheese

Mask used for sensitive skin that lacks moisture. 2 tablespoons ordinary cottage cheese of any fat content mixed with 1 tsp. of amaranth seed oil. Apply onto the face, avoiding the area around the eyes. Hold for ten minutes, then rinse off with water. Within a week, repeat two or three times.

Citrus mask for whitening the face and narrowing the pores

Before applying this mask, we strongly advise you to make sure that you are not allergic to citrus fruits. 1 tbsp. of amaranth oil mixed with 2 tbsp. orange juice, 0.5 tsp. of lemon juice. Dipping cotton swab in the mixture, apply onto the face, neck, and décolleté area. After 15 minutes you can feel a slight tingling of the acid contained in the citrus fruit. Remove the mask with warm water. This mask is great for removing pigment spots and freckles. It can be used daily.

Amaranth oil for hair

If the hair is dry and brittle, you can simply apply pure oil onto the roots of the hair, distributing it along the entire length. After 15 – 20 minutes, rinse well with shampoo. You can also add a tablespoon of oil in a conventional hair mask. The mask should be applied to the hair with light massaging movements and allowed to sit for 5 minutes, then the hair should be thoroughly rinsed.

Effective mask for strengthening hair

You will need 1 avocado, 1 tbsp. of honey and 2 tbsp. of amaranth seed oil. Clean avocado, grind in a blender. Add butter and honey, then whisk the mixture to a creamy consistency. Apply the resulting mass to damp hair, soak for 20 minutes, and rinse thoroughly with a soft shampoo.

Means for giving shine to hair

You will need 6 liters of live beer, 1 tbsp. of amaranth oil, 2 tbsp. of lemon juice, and 1 yolk. Mix yolk, lemon juice, and oil until blended into a smooth consistency, then pour into a slightly warmed beer and mix it together. Wash the hair with the resulting composition. After the procedure, the hair can be washed with water to remove any lingering odor.

Balm for dry and brittle hair

You will need 30 ml of amaranth oil, 2 g of lavender essence, and 60 ml of rum. These ingredients should be mixed, then rub the mixture into the scalp, and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash your hair, but preferably do not use shampoo.

Mask from dry dandruff

You will need 4 tablespoons of liquid honey (you can melt on a water bath, but do not heat above 40 degrees) and 2 tablespoons of Amaranth oil, heated to 40 degrees. Mix ingredients and immediately put onto the scalp, put on a shower cap, and wrap your head with a warm towel. Soak for half an hour and rinse hair with a mild shampoo.

Problems with skin, hair, and nails are often caused by problems inside the body. Therefore, to strengthen the effect of cosmetics, we recommend taking amaranth oil inside.

Amaranth oil is also used in tanning to protect against sunburn and harmful ultraviolet radiation.

According to research, squalene, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, turns into vitamin D. This explains the effect of amaranth oil. For this, you must take 1 tsp. of amaranth oil 2 times a day, and after solar procedures, lubricate the body with amaranth seed oil or a moisturizing cream. It is important to put the oil on the exposed skin and allow it to soak for 10 minutes. Remove any excess oil with a paper towel.

Amaranth oil is very useful for cracked and chapped lips.

Apply a few drops of oil onto the lips. It will have a therapeutic effect, restoring the original look of the skin and preventing peeling.

Amaranth oil is an excellent massage oil.

With regular application it will actively fight cellulite deposits. Massage procedures with amaranth oil are recommended at least 2 times a week.

A positive effect of amaranth oil on nails is noticed.

Warm baths from a mixture of amaranth oil (2 tablespoons) and lemon juice (1 tablespoon) will help strengthen the nails. Put your fingers in the tub. The procedure can last 15-20 minutes. It is advisable to use it before bedtime. After taking a bath, put on your hands soft gloves for the whole night, so that the oil is better absorbed. weakness of the nails can be eliminated. After the procedure, treat the nails with alcohol and iodine.

This is for informational purposes only. When using amaranth oil, you need to consult a specialist for contraindications.