Cosmeceutical and External Applications of Black Cumin Oil

Cosmeceutical and External Applications of Black Cumin Oil


Black cumin is used in cosmetology and pharmaceutics for the production of medicines and medicinal ointments. The oil that is derived from it is currently at a very high demand. It has recently appeared on the shelves of many stores selling various products such as shampoos, creams, and balms. black cumin has a greater concentration of nutrients, leading to its large increasing popularity.

The creation of effective home remedies must include this useful ingredient. Effects on the skin will be the most important. Black cumin oil helps with a variety of dermatological problems. 

Before use, it is superfluous to check the skin for the tolerability of this component.

The test is carried out very simply: a piece of cotton wool is moistened, then fitted to sensitive skin on the elbow or wrist. If after 10 minutes there were no uncomfortable sensations: itching, redness, burning and hives, the remedy can be safely used for cosmetic masks, lotions, andcompresses.

Use of cumin oil for the skin

  • Treatment of herpes rashes.
  • Very good efficiency in the composition of masks for irritable skin.
  • Anti-aging compositions for the fading skin will become more active after the addition of cumin oil.

It is very important to find a comfortable way to use this component. It is most effective when mixed with other components that have a similar effect. This will greatly enhance the benefits of the application.

Do not be limited to the same composition for a long time, it can cause addiction and reduce effectiveness. It is best to periodically rotate between two or three different recipes.

How to use black cumin oil for face

  • It can be applied acutely to acne and herpetic eruptions.
  • In the composition of cosmetic masks black cum oil enriches the mixture.
  • You can use a couple of drops of oil to enhance the effect of a regular cream or lotion.
  • When dissolved in cool water, the oil perfectly removes swelling on the face. To do this, use 15 to 20 drops per half a cup of water. Apply as a compress for about fifteen minutes.

Such use is recommended for any natural product, especially with such a powerful effect as in black cumin. To achieve the optimal result, you can use the following recipes. The composition of the mixture can be altered depending on the needs of your skin. In general, any face mask for home cooking can be made more potent by adding a few drops of black cumin extract to the composition. This remedy gets rid of cellulite, and is considered an excellent warming base for performing massage procedures.

Black cumin oil for hair

Strengthening the hair can be a quick and affordable method, using a remedy of black cumin for healing. It helps get rid of excessive dryness of the scalp, as well as eliminate the appearance of dandruff. The hair will become more polished, its growth will quicken, and styling will become less complex.

All of this can be ensured by regular procedures, but precautions should not be neglected. If after the application there is a burning sensation or other discomfort, the mask should be removed immediately. In this case, this treatment with caraway oil is not suitable for you, and you should look for other ways to strengthen your hair.

Instructions for using black cumin oil:

  1. Equal proportions of olive and cumin oil should be applied to the root zone. They need to be previously heated in a water bath. After a short massage, distribute the rest of the product over the entire length of the hair. If desired, you can replace the olive oil with burdock or castor oil.
  2. Stimulation of hair follicle growth is carried out in two stages: apply warmed brandy to the radical zone, then massage the head, remedy the skin with cumin oil, wrap it tightly in a polyethylene bag or a special cap. Top the turban from the towel, and then leave the mixture for about an hour. To increase efficiency, you can warm hair with a hairdryer over the towel. If you follow these instructions and apply the mask once a week, you will see unbelievable results after one month
  3. Black cumin oil is an excellent natural remedy for treating various diseases.
  4. Black cumin in its pure form is used to solve dermatological problems: skin rashes, acne, herpes rash, and psoriasis or dermatitis of various nature and localization.

With the help of this curative element, the healing of open wounds and inflammations is accelerated. Inside it is used to treat the digestive and endocrine system, as well as to increase the function of the genitourinary system, improving lactation for lactating women.

It is recommended to consult a doctor before drinking black cumin oil for the treatment and prevention of various ailments. Like any natural component, it can cause an allergic reaction, so caution is advised. The application of cumin oil is described in our article.

The best recipes for face masks based on cumin oil

For the preparation of the following compounds, it is necessary to buy black cumin oil, which is the best for home cosmetology. The concentrated content of active materials will not allow the use of this ingredient in its pure form, unless it is spot-on.

The ideal result is achieved when enriching nutrient compositions with such a valuable component.

Black seed cumin oil is an important, natural source of useful amino acids and antioxidants, so these compounds are good for mature and troublesome skin. The best recipes are given below.

Cumin oil against aging

Refreshing mask with a high degree of efficiency. To make it, you need to take equivalent proportions of almond, olive oil, and black cumin oil. Apply a similar mixture to the surface of the face. For best results, it is advisable to warm the desired area of skin over a steam bath.

Repeat the procedure at least 10 times, and at least once a week. After the course, you need to take a one-month break, then repeat again. Such procedures perfectly smooth wrinkles, smooth the tone of the face, contribute to overall nutrition, and moisturize the fading skin.

Black cumin oil for problem skin

Skin prone to rashes and high fat can cause a lot of issues. In addition to the regular appearance of comedones and blackheads, greasy shine contributes to the creation of an untroubled image, so the beneficial effect of black caraway oil on the work of the sebaceous glands is very helpful.

For a good result, mix the cumin oil and grape seeds. Then, with the resulting mixture wipe the face, neck, and décolleté area. You can leave the mixture in for about an hour, then rinse with warm water.

Such a composition perfectly regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, and also cleans the clogged pores from contamination.

The “classic” cleansing mask made of chemist’s clay is an excellent remedy for oily skin. To properly use this, a small amount of dry clay diluted with a compound of herbs or just warm water to a thick paste-like state, after that add a teaspoon of cumin oil to the mixture.

This mask should be applied before going to bed. After hardening, it should be gently washed off with warm water. Then wipe off the remaining mixture with a warm broth and moisten with a nutritious cream. Such a mixture perfectly whitens the face, and helps to relieve inflammation.

Black cumin oil for hair

To fight hair loss, mix in a 1: 1 ratio of black cumin oil and olive oil. Apply the resulting mixture to the scalp, massage it and leave it for 10 minutes. Then you can wash your head with shampoo.

To restore damaged hair, use the following mixture:

  • Black cumin oil – 10 ml.,
  • Jojoba oil – 30 ml.,
  • Chamomile oil – 10 drops.

The resulting mixture is applied to the scalp, roots, and along the entire length of the hair. Wrap the head with a towel. This process should take about 2-3 hours, then wash off with shampoo.

To enhance the therapeutic effect of black cumin oil, it is taken both internally and externally.

Use of black cumin oil

It’s not a secret that a product such as black cumin oil has been widely used. It is better to use this oil on small areas of skin. For example, for the treatment of warts, eczema, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis. For cosmetic procedures, the product should be mixed with other ingredients. Let’s consider the basic ways of its application:

For oily skin. In equal proportions, combine the oil of grape seeds and black cumin. Cleanse the skin and oil it with an oil mixture, then wash it off after half an hour. Clay masks provide an outstanding result. They are very easy to prepare. Simply dilute clay with water and add a few drops of oil. This mask should be kept on for a quarter of an hour.

For dry skin. Take a tablespoon of cumin oil and cinnamon, and mix them with three tablespoons of sour cream. Put the composition on your face for about ten minutes, then remove it with a tissue.

For acne. For a tablespoon of black cumin oil, add eight drops of lavender oil and six droplets of tea tree oils. Lubricate the resulting composition onto the face, wash after about 15 minutes.

From hair loss. To strengthen hair use a mixture of olive and cumin oil. It should be rubbed into the scalp and left for twenty to thirty minutes. For best results, do this three times a week. To improve the effect, drink tea with the addition of cumin seeds.

For damaged hair. Use black cumin oil, which was damaged by chemistry, frequent staining, curling or straightening. To recover the hair, combine 10 milliliters of cumin oil with 30 milliliters of jojoba oil and ten drops of chamomile oil. Put the mixture onto the roots and strands (along the entire length), wrap them with cellophane and a towel, and leave it for a couple of hours.

Anticellulite massage. To get rid of cellulite, apply cumin oil onto the difficult areas. Then rub them well and after they blush, begin to actively massage. This should be done for about twenty minutes. Best to do a massage daily, with courses lasting for two weeks.

Anti-cellulite wraps. Eliminate cellulite, and at the same time to improve the condition of the skin also help wraps with cumin oil. To prepare the composition, combine two tablespoons of cumin oil and wheat germ and three spoons of natural ground coffee. Apply the resulting mixture to the problem areas, top it with a food film and warm it. After an hour or two, rinse the contents.

The use of black cumin in cosmetology

It would be ridiculous if such a valuable plant as cumin could not be used in modern cosmetology. So let’s assume that the oil extracted from black cumin has been very popular among females as an effective anti-aging agent.

Some of the valuable substances that it has in its composition give it similar characteristics to oil

These are substances that are extremely beneficial to affect our skin and of course our hair. As a rule, these substances include various vitamins from groups A, E, and B. Of course, these are phytosterols, some minerals, zinc, and unsaturated acids (OMEGA-6, OMEGA-9 acids).

During external application, black cumin oil can provide useful cosmetic effects :

This oil contributes to the complete elimination of wrinkles.

This oil increases the tone of our facial skin, as well as increasing its elasticity.

Black cumin oil can even eliminate significant postnatal stretch marks – this can happen, primarily, due to the content of vitamin A and vitamin C in the oil, and also due to the content of copper and zinc, which stimulate the production of the fibrillar protein of cutaneous collagen.

This oil can significantly refresh and clear our skin, protecting us from severe drying and unpleasant peeling.

Black cumin oil helps to smooth out the overall relief of the skin, thereby greatly improving its entire structure.

Due to the ability to quickly restore the normal process of blood circulation in the body, as well as the process of lymph circulation, this oil can interfere with the formation of cellulite.

Black cumin oil also optimizes the work of our sebaceous glands, thereby purifying the skin of a person from possible toxins. Furthermore, the use of such a medicine prevents the appearance of new acne and other skin inflammations.

Given all of the above properties, black cumin oil is most often used as the main component for many masks, various creams and even ointments to care for oily or greasy skin. This oil is also used for medical masks intended for various hair treatments.