Soybean oil is a liquid oil with a thick amber color having a pleasant nut taste and aroma; it is produced by means of soybean seeds pressing. It contents vitally important unsaturated fatty acids including linolenic acid which stops cancer cells growth, vitamins E and C salts of calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Soybean oil is useful against kidney diseases and nervous system diseases, it increases immunity, improves metabolism and intestine activities; it is a perfect preventive agent against atherosclerosis.

People who take soybean oil as a foodstuff reduce the risk of death caused by a heart attack. In accordance with foreign press publications about 80 thousand of people were examined and it was found out that those of them who ate foods flavored with soybean oil 5 or 6 times a week more than 5 times reduced infarct probability unlike those who took soybean oil not so often.

But of course it is very important not to try too hard. Authors of the research advise to take 1-2 table spoons of soybean oil a day; for example it can be used as vegetable salad seasoning.

As for age limits soybean oils alongside with other oils must be included to food ration in order to provide a good health and longevity.

This oil is an ideal ingridient of baby foods as far as it contains substances necessary for formation of the central nervous system and visual apparatus.

Soybean oil as well as other soybean products are useful for prevention of kidney diseases, stress treatment; it has a favorable effect on skin and immunity.

Another unique property of soybean oil is connected with high contents of lecithin – a specially structured phospholipid being very important for cell membranes functioning. Licetin is an active participant of methabolism of fats and cholesterol in the organism. It reduces the level of fats accumulation in liver and promotes their burning; it regulates proper metabolism of fats and their absorption and it has a choleretic action.

Phytosterols in great amounts contained in this oil favorably influence skin rejuvenating it.

Soybean oil promotes processes of aging skin regeneration. Soybean glycoproteins and polysaccharide strengthen the structure of connecting tissues increase elasticity and tonus. Soybean oil phytosterols easily penetrate the skin and promote its barrier functions improvement; they have a prolonged strengthening effect.

Therefore soybean oil is used as a basic ingredient for manufacturing massage creams.